SA110 - Arm Blaster

The comeback of the brutal training tool from the 70s

The Arm Blaster was made popular in the seventies by no less than seven-fold Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger . This easy-to-use training aid makes it possible to better isolate the biceps during curl movements. Many athletes have a wrong technique when performing bicep curls and raise the elbows, swing the barbell or bend the lower back. This can not only cause injuries but also emphasizes the back and shoulders instead of the biceps. With the Arm Blaster you force the elbows and shoulders to remain fixed in the right position, for a more effective curl movement. The biceps are therefore completely isolated and optimally stimulated.

The Arm Blaster is made of super strong aluminum, unlike many other plastic models. The ends have soft padding that provides extra comfort to the elbows. The nylon strap has comfortable padding for the neck and is quick and easy to adjust in length with a clip closure. The Arm Blaster is lightweight and compact and fits in every sports bag!


  • Maximum isolation of the biceps during curl exercises
  • Also suitable for triceps pushdown exercises
  • Made of super strong 5 mm thick aluminum
  • Comfortable padding in the neck and at the elbows
  • With clip closure to adjust the neck strap in length
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to carry
  • Dimensions: 58 x 9 cm

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SA110 - Arm Blaster

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